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We all have a history. Some people have lives that seem more tantalizing than others. We watch in awe and sometimes envy, as they go out to conquer the world. But underneath the veneer we are all made of the same ‘stuff’. We all have memories of these experiences that make us smile or make us frown- simple experiences of life that bring us pure joy or the exceptional memories which cause hurt and even physical pain. So the big question is ‘Why?’

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Less than a year ago I self-published my first book and trust me when I say that being an author is not a creative bed of roses. It’s a mammoth amount of work- editing, editing and editing again, getting my author name out ‘there’, learning about #ing, scheduling and how to create a book cover and of course, encouraging reviews!

I have received positive feedback from readers through e-mails, FB and Twitter messages, I have been stopped in the street to be gushed over and I even received a charming note through the door but none of these equate to the Holy Grail: A review on an internet retailer like Amazon.

It led me to wonder: how can I best support fellow authors? Hence, my decision to offer my free of charge review services to self-published authors.

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