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We all have a history. Some people have lives that seem more tantalizing than others. We watch in awe and sometimes envy, as they go out to conquer the world. But underneath the veneer we are all made of the same ‘stuff’. We all have memories of these experiences that make us smile or make us frown- simple experiences of life that bring us pure joy or the exceptional memories which cause hurt and even physical pain. So the big question is ‘Why?’

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Reviewer's thoughts *****

'Just finished reading Full Circle, the debut book by new author Nicci Mayne. It was beautifully written, using few words from ancient times that only added more passion to the plot. The characters were brilliantly explored especially the depth of a woman with a disability that did not hold her back. A delightful story with twists and turns that kept me utterly captivated till the final page.'

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